The Truth About an Online Business That NO One Talks About

There’s no doubt that being able to work from home gives you a tremendous amount of freedom that is difficult to find in a “job”. You get to be your own boss and dictate your own income. You get to set your own hours and work as little or as long as you desire. That’s the good news. But on the other hand…Creating an online business is no easy walk in the park. There is no magical yellow brick road that leads to a pot of gold like the “gurus” would have you believe with all of the hype and slick sales copy.You’ll have to earn it yourself. It’s going to require determination, focus, discipline and persistence in order to do well and secure a solid income for you and your family.Is Building An Online Income For You?The first step before you ever consider getting started is to know whether or not working online is right for you or not. There is NO reason to go out and try to build an income from home if you don’t know upfront whether this is something you really want to do or not.Here’s a list of questions you should answer for yourself before you even begin to consider what type of business you want to work with online. I warn you now…the questions you need to answer are blunt and to the point, but you want the truth and the facts don’t you?
Are you a self-starter? Working online at home is going to require you to be organized, detailed and have the ability to motivate yourself to do the things you need to do in order to be successful. YOU are the boss…there is no one standing over your shoulder telling you what to do every minute of the day. Can you handle that or are you better suited working for someone else who tells you exactly what to do every minute of your shift?

Are you persistent? If you give up on things easily then having an online business is going to be difficult at best for you. It takes time to see great results. Unlike all the hype you constantly see about big money flowing into your bank account almost overnight, the truth is…making a solid, consistent and ever increasing income takes time. It does not happen overnight. For many people this is their downfall. In our ‘microwave’ society today, many people want instant results and when they don’t see them they quit. Sadly, they never give themselves a real opportunity at being successful. Do you have the persistence to make a long term commitment…and stick with it?

How well do you plan and organize? You’ll need to be able to follow a starting plan and then expand it into a long term plan. This includes a little planning and keeping organized. It’s nothing too difficult, but you need to be able to create a simple plan and then follow it.

Are you prepared to invest in your business? I’ll be showing you business models that you can start for free, but you’ll still need to have at least $10 for a domain name and $10 a month for hosting with nearly anything you do online. If you don’t have at least a small budget (if just $20 a month) for your business then you may need to work a second job until you do. I don’t say that to be cruel or insensitive…it’s just being honest.

Is your drive strong enough? Can you keep yourself motivated in the rough times? Strong motivation will help you survive slowdowns and periods of burnout that inevitably happens from time to time.

How will working online affect your family? Can they handle you working from home and give you the time you need in order to concentrate on working your business? Although this may seem like an easy question, you really need to consider it and talk to your family about it beforehand. I know what this is like firsthand. With 2 small children and having their daddy at home, it was hard to get the time I needed to work my business when I first started out. I had to make changes and adjustments so I could get my work done.

Can you stay focused on one thing and not become distracted? This is perhaps the number one downfall of everyone who attempts to work online at home, regardless of what business it is. You’ll need to dedicate your time to only those activities that make you money…and avoid those that do not.

What I mean by that is it is easy to lose your focus…and your time…by continually reading your emails, checking stats, reading threads on your favorite online forums, talking on the phone, texting, etc. If you only have 2 hours a day that you can give to your online business, how can you make any money when you spend half of it on activities that are only distractions?
Wow, how come nobody talks about all these things online or in those infomercials?If you have honestly answered yes to these questions then you are on your way. If you are willing to put in the time and effort and make the necessary sacrifices, you can create a home business that will provide a great lifestyle for you and your family. It’s now just a matter of finding the best online business model that suits your skills and personality.